Rapid Replacement or spare Spray gun applicator


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Which Machine does this spray gun fit ?

The Rapid by tanning essentials Replacement, spray tan Spare gun,  this is a applicator spray gun to fit the Tanning Essentials Rapid Spray machine or the tan station booth 3 in 1. If you are unsure which spray gun is required please call us on 01204 322494 or email us at info@brownbitz.com a picture of your spray tanning machine and we will do our best to help accordingly

Very important Essential Maintenance information of The rapid spray gun and machine

It is essential spray guns are cleaned after each sessions use, with professional systems to do this with the rapid place the spray gun on "c" setting and run warm (not hot/boiling water) through the spray gun for apprx 2 mins until the output is clear of tan, Failing to do this will result in spray tan drying out within the internal chamber of spray guns and once the solution starts to crystalise this will cause issues such as sporadic spraying, freckly output, and trigger sticking. 

Don't leave solution sat in the cups attached the gun remove solution after use this prolongs lifespan of the consumable pick up straw especially with solutions with alcohol content

As good practice daily after use secondary maintenance  internal spray gun clean is advised please see the internal parts and instructions below on how to complete this if training has not covered this area, or you have swooped from an older unit. 

 document on internal spray gun clean please click HERE
 A video on how to clean the spray gun can be viewed HERE  

Machine filter sponges must be cleaned reguarly as good practice daily after use, these are located on the underside of the machine. This is highly essential as this is a protector to stop airborne tan entering the motor this is essentially the air input to the unit also and the motor becomes suffocated as it cannot draw air in when filters are blocked. Blockages will then cause the motor to overwork and create excess heat and a host of issues in this scenario can arise such as damage to components such as gun and hose damages, and also motor damage. Never restrict airflow to the underside of the units. 

what are shipping charges ?

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