Shipping and Terms

Here at Brown Bitz We Ship throughout Europe your shipping options will be shown during final checkout once going to payment provider be it paypal, or our card processor. 

If you are a customer ordering outside of the Uk but within europe and A Vat/Tax Number is Present For Your Company please Forward your Details and we can Zero Rate or refund the Vat Accordingly within 24 hours from ordering.

All uk orders are subject to Vat at checkout Currently 20%.
Uk Delivery is Free over £50.  International or orders under £50 shipping charges and options are shown during checkout. 

International orders outside the UK particular sweden if a residential address is given this will be delivered to your local parcel store we are a Business to Business company so all parcels are despatched on business services. 

We endeavor to provide the Best service we can, so from time to time our couriers will change to suit, The best service and value. We will Endeavor to ship all items out within 24 hours. All Items are despatched on a signed service. Courier service terms and conditions do enable parcels to be signed for by neighbours in the immediate vicinity of your delivery address, We must be notified prior to shipment if you do not want the parcel to be signed for by a neighbour this applies to uk and international parcels. Items dispatched for delivery outside the UK may take 5-7 working days. With our 24 hour estimated parcelforce courier service we work on high percentage next day arrivals in the uk of around 99.9% This is a next working day service thus excluding weekends. Tracking details are sent on every order and any queries on tracking details please let us know.

Solutions creams gels etc,, (perishable) and disposable's cannot be returned as these become unsaleable due to health and safety Reasons.

Solutions carry a 6-12 month un-opened useage, We best before solutions from ourselves Brown Bitz ltd for 6 months to ensure maximum quality and freshness when spraying, this is a guide and best before only as the wrong storage conditions can mean a shorter lifespan than this. As the nature of ingredients such as DHA in tanning solution are temperature, and oxidisation sensitive to keep your solutions longevity as long as possible we recommend storing in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight (as close to fridge temp as possible but not frozen) Once opening the solutions it is essential to replace the lid securely as so this is airtight straight away this prevents oxidisation of the solutions. As you will notice the reminents on the threads on the bottle from pouring will change colour and go green. due to the oxidisation, This does not mean the entire bottle contents are green and unuseable, This is just the outer spillage around the rim which is oxidised when the lid has been removed. When solutions ingredients have perished the liquid will have a green tint and will not take on clients, This will cause the guide colour to simply wash off with no lasting tan as the DHA will become inactive.Solutions which are exposed to direct sunlight, heat or air exposure without the lid on can go off in a matter of days, so we cannot stress the importance of correct storage especially in the warmer months.   

All machines/ electricals carry a 3 month warranty with ourselves, and also a manufacturers 12 month warranty from date of sale. This is a return to base warranty.

With any manufacturers defective units which is a rare scenario we will either repair or replace and despatch goods within 48 hours of receipt to ourselves Within 3 months from purchase or within 3-12 months we will Process a warranty claim with the manufacturers on all units containing any form of manufacturing defect this will have a 48 working hour response turn around.

It is so essential customers have correct training and understand the nature of your spray machines in a working environment, goods should be looked after and maintained properly the following will not be covered under warranty, damage, cracks, breaks, or spray guns that have been neglected i.e not been cleaned or maintained correctly. It is rare that problems do arise and require a manufacturer warranty due to their quality controls, If issues do arise with components such as the moving parts such as Spray guns and hoses 90% of the time this is down to incorrect care, maintenance, droppages causing breakages. or consumables that need replacing within the spray gun. 

please note :- 

Hoses- A hose is simply a part that lets air through, the only times a hose can become faulty is through firstly to much tension on the hose when spraying therefore popping the plastic end connector off the hose. Issues like this should not occur as tension should not occur on the hose in the first place. Rectify this simply by moving the machine closer to your working environment. The other way a hose can become faulty is if the hose is dropped/stood on causing a break/split in the end connector or pipe. If a hose has any manufacturing defect with the mouldings, splits etc.. this would be apparent within the first couple of uses of the unit, not after weeks/months of useage. 

Spray tan guns contain moveable parts, and consumable parts, such as seals and rubber o rings, these are replaceable from time to time as they degrade especially with higher useage. It is therefore fair to expect with hoses and spray guns as being moveable parts replacements will be required from time to time,as with anything of this nature of any sprayers be it in the industry of Tanning, Painting, Fencing, Etc... natural wear and tear damage arises. With spray Guns with the correct maintenance these will last a long time. 90%+ of any reported issues on Spray guns are down to not cleaning the guns correctly or physical damage on droppages, We must stress the importance of understanding the components and breakdown of your spray guns and general care with your product this is basic knowledge required that will enable yourself if issues arise to pin point and rectify accordingly. It is also essential your staff using the equipment also take care and understand the basic maintenance. If you dont know the maintainence routine for internally cleaning the spray gun (not just spraying warm water through please contact us and we can forward any tutorial information we have for your specific machine if stocked by us.)  If you do not understand this procedure you will continue to have issues with any spray tan unit. If spray tan solution is left in the spray guns this dries in the solution internal chamber and nozzle and crystalises and blocks completely or partially the nozzle this creates sporadic spraying, stop start, freckly effect or spray without the trigger being pressed, this can be resolved by cleaning the nozzle out and then also running warm water through the spray gun for 2 mins, The maintenance lies with yourself as the user and not with ourselves, If you are unsure of the correct maintenance route to take please dont hesitate to ask we will be glad to help and advise. 

Due to the nature in the working environment of droppages, etc... We always recommend to carry a spare back up spray gun, and hose with any machine  to be kept with your units as accidents do happen. (what would you do mid tan if you dropped and broke your spray gun ? ) remember it is your Professional practice,, a tradesman doesnt just carry one screwdriver. 

If there is a Manufacturers fault on a return product we will create a credit discount code for the return postage upto £10,  this can be used upto 12 months from issue. with no minimum spend a Picture of the postage reciept must be forwarded to for us to apply the credit discount code for postage.

If goods are returned as faulty and this is down to maintenance issues, lack of knowledge and the asking for advise prior to return to rectify. We will carry out the maintenance required and advise how to carry out what is required for future use in this instance a return postage charge would be payable by yourself as well as a standard £10 engineer fee, Which simply covers the time involved in the rectification of the maintenence issue.

 Upon delivery of goods If Damaged Products should be received which is extremely rare due to us using the best reputable courier and postal services we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of goods as to report a claim as a courier damage in transit, After this time period There is nothing we can do on items physically damaged As it cannot be determined Who or were the item has been dropped and Marked on the equipment accordingly and subsequently cannot claim damage from the couriers after this time period . 

 We offer a 14 day money back return, with items in original new condition for resale in full original packaging, for a full money back option minus shipping costs noting exclusions below, Returned goods from 14-30 days are accepted on a credit discount code basis, excluding goods mentioned which cannot be returned such as but not limited to, solutions, disposables,creams gels as these items become unsaleable due to health and safety. Spray tanning solutions are perishable Prior to the best before under the wrong storage conditions of which Brown Bitz Ltd are not accountable for wrong storage of items, Spray tan solutions must always be kept with the lids airtight, and in a cool dark place As close to fridge temp as possible but not frozen to ensure a prolonged lifespan as the main ingredient in all tanning solutions DHA, is temperature sensitive. All products sold or distributed by Brown Bitz Ltd are not covered for consequential business/property losses.

In such a rare case of a Parcel not arriving we will need to be notified within 72 working hours we need then to trace the were abouts via the shipper this will take a response time from the courier as we have to wait on their approval the parcel has been lost/stolen before we can submit a lost claim, and re despatch products. 

No Parcels can be requested to be left in a safe place, All our parcels are sent on a signature service, 

BrownBitz ltd, Reserves the right to cancel any contract between ourselves and the purchaser, At any point prior to Despatch of goods, In such an instance Goods will be refunded accordingly.

We use Secure payment systems and software within our website which follow compliancy to level 1 PCI certification, and We will not sell or pass on customer details, emails, or any other database information to other marketing Companies, Information will be transfered between our website,server hosts Shopify (usa) and payment providers.  

Our return and warranty address is 

Brown Bitz (uk) ltd 
5 Oakenclough Drive 
Bl1 5QY 

Please note Any returned goods including warranty items must include Original receipt, details of to why the item is being returned and return address and Contact number, Any parcels without this cannot be distinguished or processed Accordingly. 

 Any questions reference our services please Ask Prior to ordering by using the contact us page or calling 01204 322494 we have our phone lines open from 10am-10pm 





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