Mixed Disposables Pack, Hair nets, thongs (g-string), sticky feet,


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Spray tanning disposable sticky feet, hair nets and disposable thongs for client comfort and professionalism when a commencing spray tan.

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Our premium Tanning Essentials branded spray tanning sticky feet are a 2mm premium foam full length sticky feet for spray tanning. An essential item in a professional spray tanning kit. Used for keeping soles of feet clean during spray tanning they also they help prevent the tanning solution being transferred from clients feet onto the salon floor.

Our hair nets are a simple soft lightweight non woven fibre, ideal for spray tanning as a hair cover to help protect when spray tanning from any airborne particles, These come in Black.  

Our disposable g-strings, knickers are Ideal for use when waxing, during laser hair removal, massage or spray tanning, to prevent damage to client's own clothes. With a silky, smooth, comfort fit and individually wrapped for hygiene, the g-strings, provide privacy and relaxation during beauty treatments, and reduce laundry and damage to linens

All the above are suitable for professional tanning use . 



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