Barrier cream for spray tanning - Brown Bitz                                                                                                                                                            .

Barrier cream for spray tanning

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 What is Brown bitz, barrier cream ?.

Brown bitz barrier cream is formulated for spray tanning. Apply a thin layer of barrier cream to the hands,feet,ankles,Elbows,Knees areas when spray tanning or applying spray tan mousses or creams. This will create a more blended tan in these areas were tan generally gathers, Brown bitz barrier cream will help to create the best tan for you and your clients.

How to applicate Brown bitz barrier cream

A small amount is rubbed in to the required area to create a thin layer, in turn this helps a great deal when over application occurs in these hard skin areas, and once washed off Brown Bitz barrier Removes excess tan from gathering in turn giving much better results one 250ml bottle will give many applications, Bottle sizes are in multiples of 250ml so ordering 1000ml will be 4 x 250ml 


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