Aura Wagner Click and tan W-670  spray tan machine replacement air filter - Brown Bitz                                                                                                                                                            .

Aura Wagner Click and tan W-670 spray tan machine replacement air filter

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which machines will this filter fit ?

These air filters will fit spray tanning machines, As follows and as the model shown in the picture images. Wagner W-670 Dynatec W-670 Aura click and tan machine. If you are unsure if this is the correct filter for your unit please drop us a picture of your machine to or whats app a picture to 07785346539 or 07747464057 

why do i need to replace my filter in my machine ?

The air filters in machines need replacing as the way spray tan machines work is they suck air in to the motor to create the airpressure to spray, Therefore when spray tanning in a room the filter is there to protect the motor by catching airborne tan particles so they dont enter the motor unit.

What happens if i dont replace my Air filter in my machine ?

By not replacing your filter when needed, your machine will be trying to draw air through the filter which is blocked by dry tan particles this in turn will cause the motor to overwork which may increase noise levels, Heat up and ultimately create the hose to heat up and could split the hose due to the heat or ultimately the motor to completely break within the machine so this is essential maintenance that needs to be carried out.

How often do i need to replace my filter and can it be washed

We Recommend when using a suitable extraction units when tanning to replace the filter after apprx 80-100 tans, this is just a guide as some spray heavier than others and create more overspray, So we advise to keep an eye on this filter and how much tan is on the filter especially if no extraction is being used, even though extraction should be present inline with the FDA guidelines on spray tanning. With these filters washing is not recommended as this can matt the material together therefore causing airflow issues. visually inspect the filter to check it is not too wet and matted. 

How do i replace the filter ?

These machines have a clip compartment on the side of them, Simply open this pull the old filter out and replace with the new filter. Please see the machine manual by clicking HERE See page 8 section 14 


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