Allure By Aura Spare replacement Spray tan Gun Applicator


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Spare or replacement applicator which machine does this fit ?

This specific spray tan gun applicator is complete with solution pot manufactured for the Allure spray machine by Aura tanning, this spray gun is also a compatible fit for the compact elite spray tan machines as pictured in the thumbnail pictures above. If you are unsure of which machine you have as these may have been re branded by various companies please dont order on a presumption and contact us or send a picture of your machine to our whatsapp number 07785246539 or email

Spray gun applicator maintenance

spray tanning guns non brand specific require general maintenance to keep your spray tanning gun operational and tip top in spraying. Therefore we recommend on a daily basis after spray tanning has finished to run warm (not boiling) water through the spray gun for approx 2 mins on fully open spray setting this clears the internal chambers of spray tan gun and prevents blockages when spray tan solution dries and crystalises. On a weekly basis we advise to remove the aircap ring, Aircap and nozzle and clean these components aswell as wiping the needle. please like our social media links for facebook and youtube links are at the bottom of this page here you will find useful tutorial videos, new products and offers

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