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Brown Bitz best cherry berry spray tan solution 8% 1 litre 1000ml

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For the Best "Premium" Brown Bitz spray tanning solutions. Fresh Cherry Berry fragrance, Medium natural results. Unique formulation,longer lasting more gradual even fade off (7-10days) Fantastic guide colour, Amazing natural looking results. Non streak, fresh fragrances. Skin prepping hydrating and moisturising qualities, optimised in viscosity to achieve the best solution consumption. No parabens, not tested on animals. Suitable for vegan use


solution size

Cherry berry Tanning solution, 1000ml (1 litre ) = 20-25 tans

Why choose Brown Bitz spray tanning solutions, for your professional spray tan requirements?

Each Brown Bitz spray tan bottle is filled with love and care to give you the best natural looking false tan. Our bespoke solution formulations are designed and manufactured in the UK. We boast over 20 years active experience within the tanning industry. Brown Bitz Will compliment your business by offering our bespoke tanning solution range individually tailored to compliment your clients requirements and natural skin typing. Rest assured Brown Bitz tanning solutions are of the finest calibre, using only the best quality ingredients and manufactured under iso standards

Quality and Vegan use

Our professsional tanning solutions contain NO parabens, NO added alcohol and certainly NO animal testing. Brown BItz Solutions are also suitable for Vegan use. Brown Bitz spray tan solutions are manufactured in the Uk in lab conditions with Iso 9001 standards in place. We hold MSDS data sheets, and independent safety assesments. Brown Bitz spray tan solutions not only contain skin hydrating and preparation ingredients, but also a unique formulation designed and distributed by Brownbitz. 


How our solutions work

Our range of tanning solutions Contain not only the highest quality of DHA the main tanning ingredient responsible for creating a fake tan, but also a secondary tanning ingredient which in active terms compliments the DHA and works in the background, This secondary ingredient is longer lasting than DHA therefore as your DHA tan starts to fade off this is masked by the secondary slower fading ingredient ensuring a more even less noticeable fade off.  Brown Bitz is a 7-10 day tan as oppose to a standard 5-7 Dha tan. 

So which choice of solution ?

Brown Bitz solutions come in 4 bespoke choices with fantastic unique light fragrances, our spraytan solutions compliment each individuals skin type for their desired results. At Brown Bitz we have spent years formulating the best solutions to give the best natural looking results, Therefore we recommend leaving our solutions to do the job they were designed to do. For the best results giving a wonderful streak free tan we recommend leaving on a minimum 6-8 hours for full benefit and best tanning results based on our innovative formulation and design. Our melon and pomegranate deliciously dark 14% can also be used as a fast tan solution with earlier wash off times lightening the results for those that wish to do so. i.e

1-2 hours light tan
2-3 hours medium tan
3-4 hours dark tan
4-5 hours V.dark tan
6+ deliciously dark tan  

Our Solution choices are as follows :- 

8% DHA + cherry berry
10% DHA + citrus sherbet 
12% DHA + Caribbean coconut
14% DHA + deliciously dark watermelon and pomegranate 

Brown Bitz guide colour and optimisation

Brown Bitz tanning solutions contain a Guide colour which can be clearly seen on spraying clients, this dries quick and non sticky into a fantastic colour therefore there is no need to hide away prior to showering. (as our solution is optimised for solution consumption maximising your returns your spray gun may require turning down.. you can tell if your gun is set to high as your clients will take longer than normal to dry aim for apprx 40-50ml per tan use)  

As with all professional tanning products correct preparation and aftercare is advised to maximise the results and fade off of your tan. 

Brown Bitz tanning solution results application guidance chart

The Chart below shows an apprx guide for application for best results based on clients natural skin typings as an example from the below chart if a client with natural skin type 2- fair-white wanted a nice natural medium tan for an occasion we would look down the skin type 2 column and recommend a cherry 8% giving a medium tan.  

Spray tanning solution by brown bitz application guide


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