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Spray tan solutions at its best, Presents the Pro V spray tanning package including complete tanning machine Along with spray tan pop up booth tent and 4 x 300ml of the Best Brown Bitz premium spray tanning solutions. one of each of our unique tanning solutions. Also 25 pairs of sticky feet, 25 disposable thongs and 25 Black disposable hair nets, 
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NOTE : in the package is enough solution for apprx 24 tans based on 50ml per person.
New Pro V Tanning Machine By tanning essentials Spray Tan System - Black

The NEW cutting edge Pro V Spray tan system has been perfectly designed for both the busy salon or less frequent mobile professional.  This machine is More powerful than ever, yet quieter and sleeker the Pro V system machine comprises of sought after advanced features including, precise digital tanning controls with six power settings to accommodate all solution and spray tanning technique, built in gentle air heat function gives a gentle warmth when spray tanning, smart memory features that recall your previous settings on switching on your machine, a minimum maintenance regime is required and cup holders are present to store additional solution cups for quick access when interchanging (2 extra pots and lids including with the machine)
This innovative system by Tanning Essentials includes one Pro V Essentials applicator which can be placed in their built-in work station. The Pro V Applicators boast never seen before technology, offering a more controlled and narrower spray pattern, when tanning  adaptable spray designs with a lock in position feature, DHA resistant needle and nozzle therefore creating less stick and blockage occurrence  and a leak free integrated cup delivering a streak free, flawless application each and every time.

The Pro V system is the perfect unit for the Tanning Essentials enthusiast that is looking to upgrade their current system. Be It Salon Or mobile technician with this lightweight low noise compact tanning unit 

System Features

  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Digital controls
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Quick fit hose connectors
  • Turbo heat function
  • Smart Memory functions
  • Energy saving design
  • High performance motor
  • Lightweight & mobile
  • Easy clean filter

Applicator Features

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sleek & stylish design
  • Leak free integrated cup
  • Adaptable spray pattern
  • DHA resistant needle & nozzle
  • Slide & lock solution dial
  • 12 month warranty

Dimensions: 22cm x 23cm x 20cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.8kg
Motor: 1800-3100 RPM
HVLP: 580 m3/hr
Noise: 65dB

To view the Pro V manual please click HERE


Brown Bitz Professional Tanning solutions Presenting the pack of 4 x 300ml (apprx 24 tans) Premium Best tanning solutions for all your spray tanning needs, our Premium unique formulations such as Cherry berry, citrus sherbert, caribbean coconut, deliciously dark, Our premium blend tanning solutions are formulated and manufactured to our own formula Blend, With a spray tan solution to suit all skin types, Great Natural looking tans are what we achieve, with a 7-10 day longevity, even fade qualities along with skin conditioning treatments, fresh fragrances and viscosity to help achieve max efficiency in solution use.

 below is a guide of solution choice :-

 8%+, cherry berry fragrance - recommended for lighter natural complexions 

10%+ citrus sherbert fragrance -recommended for medium natural complexions

12%+ caribbean coconut fragrance - recommended for slightly olive natural complexions

14%+ watermelon +pomegranate -recommended for olive natural complexions 


PREMIUM BEST QUALITY, Tanning pop up Booth/tent complete with carry case, This booth is an Ideal spray tanning tent for home or business use, easy wipe. Fully portable, the tent pops up in about 30 seconds and is ready for use immediately. The Tent is flame retardant and internally waterproof With clear see through upper side, upper rear and roof  ensuring maximum light use, when tanning, 

Manufactured with ISO 9000 standard
dimensions :- 210cm x 120cm x 120cm


Spray tanning disposable 25 pairs sticky foam feet, 25 hair nets and 25 disposable thongs for client comfort and professionalism  

Our premium Tanning Essentials branded sticky feet are a 2mm  premium foam full length sticky feet for spray tanning. An essential item in a spray tanning kit. Used for keeping soles of feet clean during spray tanning and they also they help prevent the tanning solution being transferred from the clients feet onto the salon floor.

Our hair nets are a simple soft lightweight non woven fibre, ideal for spray tanning as a hair cover to help protect when spray tanning, 

Our disposable g-strings are Ideal for use when Tanning and other treatments such as waxing, during laser hair removal, massage, to prevent damage to client's own clothes. With a silky, smooth, comfort fit and individually wrapped for hygiene, the g-strings provide privacy and relaxation during beauty treatments, and reduce laundry and damage to linens

The Pro V spray tan machine is suited for use in salon or mobile environments upto apprx 20 tans on a daily basis

Any questions please Dont hesitate to call us on 01204 322494 

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