Spray tan solution skin preperation exfoliating Ph balancer wipes

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Preparation for spray tanning

Spray tanning, preparation is one of the key factors When having a spray tan. Most of the time correct preparation is left in control of the client. Lots of the time this is not carried out correctly. Therefore not achieving the best from a Spray Tan. Which is exactly why this product is so popular, 50 large wipes per tub.

What is this super Dual purpose Product ?

Firstly the wipes give a gentle exfoliation on one side and secondly on the other side is a PH balancer. This is a fantastic aid in self tanning as the Balancer helps neutralise the skin to the correct Ph level therefore enabling Your Brown Bitz tan to develop at its Best Each Tub comes with 50 Large Wipes. 

Be Professional, Stay Professional 

To help Achieve the best Natural tan results this dual purpose pre tan preperation product has been developed, These Professional large wipes are able to be used directly prior to your Brown Bitz Spray tan. The dual textured wipes contain a specially formulated solution, containing 100% natural active ingredients which clean, freshen, and moisturise thus preparing the skin for Sunless Tanning applications by leaving it clean, oil and residue free and with an optimum pH balance to ensure effective penetration of active ingredients such as DHA.

How to use the product ?

The stranded orange side: this has a Rough texture and to be used as a skin exfoliation by wiping the skin with this side
White side: This Smooth for cleansing and priming and balancing and should be wiped on the skin afer the orange side has been used Fragrance: Fresh, reviving and gender neutral

• Alcohol free
• Oil free
• Leaves no residue
• PH balanced
• Easy to use
• No rinsing required

50 Large wipes per tub.

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