The Best spray tanning solutions

Looking for the ultimate in tanning solutions, For your clients. Look no further than the hidden Gem Brown Bitz Premium tanning solutions. Manufactured in the uk Brown Bitz Spray tan solutions cover 8-14% Dha, our products also contain erythulose a secondary tanning ingredient, combined  with the bespoke hydrating formula this creates a longer more gradual fading tan. They are fantastically fragranced as follows :- 

8% Cherry Berry 
10% citrus sherbet 
12% caribbean coconut 
14% melon 

Brown Bitz solutions are alcohol free, paraben free, and suitable for vegan use manufactured to ISO9001 standards and inhouse formulated so rest assured you are guaranteed the highest quality. Brown Bitz tanning solutions contain skin conditioning ingredients also to hydrate and nourish the skin for optimal resultant in your tan.. 

Do you get feedback from your clients ? If  not  ask these questions ?

How good was the guide colour pre wash off ? 
How good was the result colour after wash off ? 
How good was the result colour 24 hours after wash off this is when the secondary tanning ingredient has activated ? 
How long does the tan last ?
How well was the fade off ?
How was the fragrance ?
How good was the primary guide colour ?  
Did you adhere to aftercare, i.e moisturise ? 

Now ask the same questions with Brown Bitz Premium tanning solutions. 

Brown Bitz tanning solutions are of the finest premium quality, while at standard pricing. How ? we favour long term organic growth, Via Less marketing endorsments which in turn reduces our operating costs hugely so we inturn pass on savings to You as our client. Building clients organically via word of mouth via quality and results is important to us. 

Brown Bitz ultimately is for those clients that want a more bespoke touch to their services portfolio.

Please visit for our full product catalog. Use "Tan1" as a coupon code at checkout for 10% off your initial order. Brown Bitz also ships to european countries. 

We supply a full range of pre and post tanning products such as disposable sticky feet foam, disposable hair nets, knickers, barrier cream, tanning extender and moisturiser, Tanning mousses for resale, 3 in 1 tanning mitts, spray tan booths, spray tan tents, spray tan extraction clean air systems, Spray tanning machines from the world leading brands Aura and Tanning Essentials and Taneasy...... 

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